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The date June 29, 2016 will go down in history.

For on that date, the seed was planted that grew into what would eventually become Rampant Discourse.

Our esteemed Founder, Paul Essen, approached our estimable Co-Founders, Travis Hudson and Andrew Riley.

My original thought was that it would be about everything I find interesting. Obviously there would be a lot of political content, but also stuff about sports or movies or games or anything else that touched my fancy. Then I thought about having it be a collection of writers instead, where a bunch of people write about whatever they want.

Following that ethos, our intrepid trio worked together to assemble the web site now before you.  All while juggling their day jobs and home lives.  It started as a side project but has grown to a passion.  So pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, and settle in for some rampant discourse.

The Origin of the Name

The first definition of the word rampant is “flourishing or spreading unchecked.”

The definition of the word discourse is “written or spoken communication or debate.”

Hence our web site is about the unchecked spread of written communication.  We put no limits on what we write about.  In fact, our aim is to cover as wide a range of topics as possible.

The Origin of the Goat Logo

Once the name was settled the matter of a logo was tackled.  We quickly focused on the word “rampant.”   The second definition of rampant is related to heraldry: “(of an animal) represented standing on one hind foot with its forefeet in the air (typically in profile, facing the dexter (left) side, with right hind foot and tail raised, unless otherwise specified).”

In heraldry, animals and colors have fairly specific meanings.  This allowed us to geek out while researching the exact combination worthy of representing Rampant Discourse.

The color silver signifies truth, sincerity, peace, innocence and purity.  The color blue signifies loyalty, chastity, truth, strength and faith.  Thus our logo emphasizes truth, sincerity, and strength.

The goat symbolizes

  • “one who wins through politics rather than war” (source)
  • “practical wisdom and an emblem of a man who wins through diplomacy rather than war” (source)
  • “that martial man who wins a victory by the employment rather of policy than valor” (source)

Using one’s politics and diplomacy to win certainly fit with the other half of the site’s title, “discourse.”

Finally, we recalled the acronym GOAT stands for “Greatest Of All Time”.  This seemed like more than mere synchronicity.  It felt like kismet.

Thus on August 12, 2016, after a gestation of just over one month, a silver and blue rampant goat was born.

While we attempt to stick to a mostly regular publication schedule to keep the readers fully engaged, realize we are all writing for the love of it.  We’re here to have fun just as much as you are.  Real life will crop up for us as spouses, parents, coaches, and a multitude of other real life roles we play.  Rest assured, we’ll keep discoursing as long as you keep reading.


The Board

Paul Essen

Chief Discourse Officer, Founder

Travis Hudson

Chief Editorial Officer, Co-Founder

Andrew Riley

Chief Financial Officer, Co-Founder

Staff Writers

Gurkie Cheng

Matt Herndon

Miguel Justiano


Maior est omni tempore

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