Hi, My Name is Miguel



I generally do not like doing these things, but Paul is insistent.

I consider myself generally Libertarian. My political evolution came along a little differently than some others here. I used to consider myself either Democrat/Liberal almost by default. I was never enamored with the party or its political figures, but well, lesser of two evils seemed to win out. However, in college with the discovery that alternative viewpoints actually do exist, it became a rather amazing experience. I discovered there was a school of political thought that coincided with my actual views. Some of my views on economics were challenged in an interesting and compelling way, to the point I eventually changed my previous viewpoints (though there might have been some argumentative yelling involved in the process).

I’ve been in the field of software development for more than a decade. Despite the trope of it being a mundane job just staring at a computer screen all day, it’s been a little surprising how many life lessons have come from the experience.

I’m a gamer. Generally it’ll take many forms. Mostly video, but I’ve recently started dabbling in miniature strategy games, mainly X-Wing and Imperial Assault. I generally take a great interest in looking at and discussing game design and theory crafting, which makes watching people play competitive games almost as interesting to me as playing those games myself.

World of Warcraft has been a portion of my life for the better part of the last decade. There, I said it. Lok’Tar Ogar.

Miguel Justiniano
Libertarian. Ranter. Always takes the renegade interrupt. Horde4Life.

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